Reel Crime Bank Heist I-Slot Review

Play Reel Crime Bank Heist I-Slot At Superior Casino Reel Crime Bank Heist is a classic caper adventure between gangster and copper. This i-slots creation takes you back to the days of Bonnie & Clyde, complete with cool gangster hats, Tommy guns and getaway cars. The story is centered around a bank robbery and you are the culprit. As the story progresses you are faced with decisions surrounding your partners in crime, your getaway car and your next move in the robbery.

The game is grandly introduced via an animated sequence that sets the tone for the upcoming game. Reel Crime: Bank Heist is an elaborately designed i-slots game with continuous scene progression and frequent bonus mini games. The mini games allow you to earn entrance to the bank and vault that you will soon rob, to choose partners in crime, to select your getaway car and most importantly, to earn extra booty (that’s gangster talk for money!!!).

Landing three or more Tommy Gun icons earns you an advancement to scene two, outside the bank. Here you have the opportunity to shoot your way in…..but be careful, one wrong move and you could trigger the bank alarm and have the coppers right on your tail!! Getting arrested earns you free spins to ‘get back on your feet’, and choosing your new partner in crime and next vault to hit earns you additional free spins. Should you make it inside the bank, you will have to spin your way into the bank before the coppers nab you!! Don’t worry though, your fellow gangsters will bail you out should the worst befall you. There is also a fun bonus round in which you get to select a new getaway car to throw the coppers off your tail.

All in all, this is a fantastic game that combines sophisticated real time features with advanced technological know-how to bring you an exhilarating, dangerous and adventurous online gaming experience. The story progression is completely up to you as the city’s most dangerous gangster, so the game is different each time you plan a heist. Between the high stakes payouts and the remarkable level of pure delight, enjoying Reel Crime: Bank Heist is almost criminal.