Reel Crime 2 Art Heist I-Slot Review

Play Reel Crime Art Heist I-Slot At Superior Casino Reel Crimes 2: Art Heist is quite the masterpiece in and of itself. This interactive rival i-slots game provides players with a beautiful visually stimulating interface, exciting gaming action, and an intriguing plot to figure out. The main characters in the story are two notorious art thieves, Remy and Raoul Mouchard, who plan to pull off the art heist of the decade, with your help of coarse. The setting is old time Paris, when the gendarmes’ (police) still use chariots to pursue their culprits. Your quest is to help these two criminals pull off their masterpiece theft without getting thrown in jail.

This remarkably designed i-slots game is a 5 reel 15 line gaming delight for rival casino enthusiasts. To advance to the next scene you must land 4 or more masterpiece icons. Enthralling bonus mini games are the platform for choosing which masterpiece your team of thieves is going after, as well as your means for obtaining the necessary tools for the heist. As you advance further in the game, you are presented with your window of opportunity to nab your masterpiece, and your moment of glory as you pull of a heist the likes of which have never been achieved in sophisticated old time Paris. You also have to expertly weed out the forgeries to ensure that your thieving efforts are not in vain.

Exciting bonus rounds such as the Random Robin Hood Bonus Round help fund your heist if you play your cards right. Grabbing your treasure is not the only challenge, you must also escape capture by the ‘gendarmes’ chariots and make your getaway. Next you will need to find an unscrupulous Art Collector to take the masterpiece off your hands, and once again avoid capture. Reel Crimes 2: Art Heist is full of high stakes payout potential, but the real question remains…..once everything is said and done, will it be the beach or the Bastille that you end up living up your reward??