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There are currently four exceptional Rival Progressive Slots games to choose from: Money Magic, Major Moolah, Strike Gold, and One Million Reels BC. Each has it's own dramatic theme which sets the stage for your experience when playing the game. Creative graphics and high quality digital sound enhance your gaming experience and provide a lively and vibrant gaming environment for you as you go after that jackpot!! Rival Progressive Jackpot games are not only exhilarating beyond belief, they also provide the opportunity for a life changing win through their huge payout potential jackpots!! Major Moolah is one of the most popular of the four games, and has boasted some enormous payouts over the past year, with players winning in excess of $50K! Yes, that is some major moolah!! This game is a 3 reel one payline slot game that promises a generous jackpot payout to some lucky player.

The newest Rival Progressive Jackpot Slots is Money Magic. As you may have guessed from the name, this game is themed with some magical components, including a magician, his magic hat, white rabbit, and beautiful assistants. Money Magic is a video slot with some nice animation and a 9 payline structure. It is important to remember when playing Rival Progressive Jackpots that you can only win the jackpot if you are playing with maximum coins. You'll see a button that you can select that reads 'maximum bet'. You can still win some nice payouts without doing the maximum bet, but you won't hit that jackpot with out it. Money Magic is the only multiple payline Rival Progressive Jackpot on their menu. The other three are all 3 reel, 1 payline structured.

The four Rival Progressive Slots you'll find at any Rival Online Casino are truly top of the line when it comes to Progressive Jackpot games. All of them have exciting designs, a user friendly interface, and the good name of Rival Gaming behind them. Their huge customer base confirms that the games are a hit among the online gaming community, and are only growing in popularity, at a rather rapid pace we might add. We're quite confident that once you play slots at a Rival Progressive Slots casino, that you'll become a life long loyal customer. Don't forget to also checkout their Rival I-Slots!!

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