Cosmic Quest 2 I-Slot Review

Play Cosmic Quest 2 I-Slot At Golden Cherry Casino Yes, we’re proud to announce that Rival Gaming Casinos have once again ventured into the great unknown in a way that even Nasa would envy. Rival’s release of part two of their exceptionally popular Cosmic Quest i-slot game has players clamoring to blast off them selves as they rush to take in the newest i-slot creation. Cosmic Quest Episode 2: Mystery Planets is a technologically sophisticated and graphically dynamic gaming utopia that allows slot game enthusiasts the opportunity to explore strange new places, without leaving their living room.

The launch of Cosmic Quest Episode 2 – Mystery Planets was highly successful indeed. An exhilarating 20 Line, 10 coin i-Slot, Cosmic Quest Episode 2 features extremely impressive animation, expanding wilds, free spins, multipliers and a thrilling skill-based bonus round. The bonus mini game requires the player to navigate their rocket ship through the caves, using their keyboard. You are awarded coins based on how well you do. Watch out though – should you accidentally take your eyes off the atmosphere for even a moment, you could run right into the cave wall!! If you’re worried that your flying skill are not quite up to par, there is a random bonus game option that leaves coin advancement up to chance.

Cleverly animated icons provide entertaining eye candy with each spin. Should you be fortunate enough to land three or more Jackpot Jetpacks, you will receive 10, 25 or 50 free spins at 2x multiplier. Cosmic Quest Episode 2 – Mystery Planets is for the adventurer in all of us that longs to explore strange new worlds, but just can’t warm up to the idea of dehydrated space food. Take advantage of exciting bonus offers below when you play Cosmic Quest Episode 2 I-slot at your favorite rival casino.