Heavyweight Gold I-Slot Review

Play Heavy Weight Gold I-Slot At Superior CasinoRival has released a brand new I-Slot game and as always, it's spectacular enough to knock your socks off, or rather in this case, knock you out all together.  The title of the game is Heavyweight Gold, and it's worth getting in the ring for.  Players are introduced to the Boxing Match theme through an entertaining animation sequence which features the  Boxing Champion in a match with an opponent.  Graphics are stunning in this new Rival creation, and effectively capture the essence of the world of boxing.  State of the art digital sound provides all the bells, whistles and championship music needed to set the stage.  A sexy ring girl, a manager, a referee, some opponents, and some boxing gear all make appearances as the championship progresses.  Stay on your toes, block those punches and jabs, and get a few in of your own, and you might just box your way to some free spins, or the exciting bonus round. 

Heavyweight Gold is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game.  Players can bet anywhere from .01 to .25 per payline, for a total max bet of $50.  Multipliers are applied on all wins by coins staked per line, with the exception of scatters, and your free spins also get a 3x multiplier.  The symbols coincide wonderfully with the boxing match theme and are very entertaining.  First off we have our Champion, his manager, the referee, and his opponents.  We also have symbols depicting some of the boxing gear you'd expect to see, such as a punching bag, a match bell, a bucket and towel, a dumb bell, a championship belt, and a first aid kit. 

The boxing glove symbol is the wild symbol, which expands over the entire reel that it lands on.  If you land more than one, you get the wild symbol to expand in each reel that it is located in.  This can really help get some wins coming in.  Should land three or more of the lovely ring girl symbols, you will be entitled to either 10, 20 or 100 free spins, each with 3x multiplier.  Free spins are one of two features where you can really jump ahead with coins!  The other feature that really catapults you into a huge coin return is the Bonus round.  You trigger the bonus round by landing three or more of the KO symbols, which will be one of the champ's opponents.  The bonus round is exceptionally intriguing and is your chance to live out your Rocky Balboa boxing fantasies through this animated mini-game.  In the ring you will face an opponent and will have to both defend yourself and attack your opponent.  Your performance in the ring determines your bonus winnings. 

We thoroughly enjoyed playing this exciting i-slot game, and consider it to be a real 'knock out'!  Not only is it an innovative and sophisticated slot experience, but it has huge payout potential and provides a unique style of online gaming entertainment.  If you're in it just for the fun, you can play Heavyweight Gold for free at any of your favorite Rival Casinos.  Who knows, after a few rounds, and then a few matches, you might end up being the heavyweight champion of the virtual world!!