Japan-O-Rama I-Slot Review

Play the new Japan-O-Rama i-Slot Game at Superior CasinoJapan-O-Rama is one of Rival Gaming's newest i-Slot creations, and features a magnificently designed Asian theme that celebrates Japanese culture from ancient times to present day.  Complete with Ninjas, Geisha, Sumo Wrestlers, and Katana Swords, along with Anime, Modern Technology, and Sushi, you'll get a taste of the intriguing Japanese culture without leaving your home!  The Japan-O-Rama i-slot game itself delivers a flashy, animated interface that is vibrant and inviting, and extremely entertaining.  When landing winning paylines, a clever animated sequence plays to celebrate the win, and add a little bit of anime to the game. 

Japan-O-Rama is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with a maximum bit of .25 per line, totaling $50.  The game has many extras that spice things up, such as expanding wilds, free spins, jackpots, and bonus rounds.  The wild icon is a giant Godzilla like lizard who stomps his way through Tokyo each time you land a wild.  The wild icons only appear in reels 1-3, and are combined should you land them in more than one reel.  The lovely Geisha is our free spins beauty, and landing 3 or more of these graceful ladies will earn you 5, 10, or 20 free spins, all with a 3x multiplier.  The Katana Sword is the jackpot icon, and can win you a cool 1000 coins if you land 5 of these powerful weapons. 

Our large and powerful Sumo Wrestler icon is what can gain you access to the bonus rounds, which are mini-games that can earn you lots of free coin!!  The bonus round features a traditional Japanese game that is used for gambling called Pachinko.  You can often see variations of this game in the USA at video game arcades.  You fired tiny white balls into the top of the Pachinko game machine, and where they fall and land determines your payout. 

The game provides a unique and intriguing opportunity to experience a taste of Japanese culture while enjoying an extraordinary online gambling experience.  As I tested this game out to review it, I found myself not really wanting to end my game as I was having a really good time.  Its not quite as high paying as some of the other i-Slot games, but I still did pretty well, and had loads of fun.  I love the way they added the Japanese letters and numbers, and how when you win a payline you are shown the English and Japanese versions of the winning amount.  For a convenient and low cost Asian getaway, click on over to Japan-O-Rama.