Rival I-Slots Game Menu Now Offers Something For Everyone

Whether it’s a mysterious romance, a bank heist, a sci-fi mission or an adventure on the high seas you want, Rival has you covered with their diverse menu of extraordinary i-slot games. I-slot games are the star of the show at Rival casinos, and it’s easy to see why. These technologically innovative games have taken the online gaming scene by storm, and they offer something remarkable for everyone!!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these remarkable games, a bit of explanation is in order. I-slot games are an updated, interactive version of the traditional slot games. The i-slot game introduces riveting characters and a progressive storyline that unfolds during play. To advance through the storyline, players must participate in bonus rounds, bonus mini-games, and land specific slot icon combinations. The bonus mini-games are entertaining and extremely fun, and are key elements to assist the players through the progression of the plot. Other rewards include new animated sequences, additional bonus games and lost of free coins!!

The animation is very impressive, and due to the fact that much of the game progression is determined by the player’s gaming activity, the story never develops the same way twice, leaving endless possibilities. Including the recently added games, there are currently 9 i-slot games available.

Here is a breakdown of these extraordinary Rival creations:

As The Reel Turns 1
Baby Boomers Cash Cruise
Cosmic Quest Mission 1
Cosmic Quest Mission 2
Reel Crimes 1 Bank Heist
Reel Crimes 2 Art Heist
Hole In Won
Rock On
Baby Boomers
Fixer Upper
Psychedelic Sixties
Switch In Time

These games are full of romance, danger, betrayal, good old fashioned cops and robbers chase, and some exciting high seas adventure. Truly, something for everyone.

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