Rival is the First to Bring “Smart Lobby” Advanced Technology to Online Gaming!

While we all fully expect Rival to bring us some of the absolute best product development in the online gaming industry, they still manage to amaze us.  Rival’s remarkably user friendly and sophisticated ‘smart lobby’ features intelligent sign up which automatically adjusts to playing levels and user preferences based on a player’s gaming activity.  As players advance, the lobby features are programmed to manage automatic free spins based on player classification and monitor a player’s earned status in the highly refined comp point and VIP system.  This tool makes managing your rival casino account virtually effortless and makes claiming all your rival bonuses a breeze. 

From the operator side, the Lobby brings tools such as real-time player history and promotions manager.  This well designed Lobby feature ensures that players’ gaming experiences are user friendly, enjoyable and exciting, as well as providing the support, security and management tools that operators need to succeed.  I think we can all agree that once again, Rival Gaming ‘rivals’ the competition with yet another extraordinary piece of technology that demonstrates their tenacity and commitment to taking care of their customers. 

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