Rival Gaming Withdraws From Canadia Market

Kudos to Rival's marketing team for keeping in tune with the latest pop culture trends, and making it work for them. Rival Gaming understands that to stand out, you also have to catch on and connect to what is popular in the world of entertainment on all venues, not just online gaming. By tapping into this pop culture window, Rival Gaming has found an unlimited resource to provide them with exciting, unique games which are already popular in theme before they are even released. Not only is this working for them, but it is causing so much excitement in the online gaming arena that players are sitting on the edge of their seats, holding their breath, all in anticipation of what Rival is doing next. Why? Because every single I-Slot that Rival released in 2009 became a blockbuster event.

Let's take a look at these game releases and how they correlate to pop culture themes. We'll start with the Fixer Upper I-Slot game. This innovative, home improvement themed game is based on the widely popular TV show: Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. Just as ratings for this show have soared, so has gaming action on this phenomenal I-Slot game. Rival ingeniously sensed the climate in the entertainment industry and brought it home to their brand. Fixer Upper is just one example of this ingenuity.

Here are a few other correlative creations: Psychedelic Sixties I-Slot, which is tied to the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock which occurred around the same time as the game release; Rock On, an exciting I-Slot game that has a theme that closely resembles the beloved Rock Band game that is so popular among home gaming enthusiasts who use equipment such as X-Box and PlayStation systems. Both games allow players to live out a rocker fantasy through virtual play; Spygame I-Slot, which correlates to the James Bond and Get Smart movies that were a huge hit in 2008/2009; and lastly A Switch In Time, which again correlates to movie themed blockbusters centered around time travel, such as the 2009 release of The Time Traveler's Wife, which was loved by movie goers.

By keeping in step with the entertainment industry, Rival casinos have been able to capitalize on themes that the public is already excited about. It is a very strategic and effective marketing approach to new products, and has paid of greatly for Rival Online Casinos. We ourselves are excited about Rival's strategy and find ourselves with a butterfly or two in our gut when we think about what innovative new surprise that Rival might have up their sleeve now.

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