Rival Casino Lion Slots Offers Special Promotion to Celebrate Release of New Game: One Million Reels BC!

Rival Casinos are at it again, and the action in their newest game release comes at us with prehistoric proportions!! One Million Reels BC is not your average run of the mill caveman experience. As if being a 5 line, 3 coin slot isn’t exciting enough, One Million Reels BC is also Rival’s first multi-line slot game with a progressive jackpot!! Even Fred Flinstone would be chasing dinosaurs to get his caveman hands on this kind of action. The rival slot icons One Million Reels BC include various sized dinosaur eggs, cavemen, cavewomen and of coarse your friendly green dinosaur. Land three dinosaurs and you’ve hit the jackpot!

This game is grandly themed throughout with a comical prehistoric flair that takes you back to the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but in a more friendly, fun, non-Jurassic Park way. Payout potential is huge and the excitement meter tops the scales in this thrilling slot extravaganza. And if these reasons alone aren’t enough to try One Million Reels BC, then take advantage of Lion Slots’ New Game Promo. Accept and complete the 50% One Million Reels BC promotion, and you will receive a $15 no deposit One Million Reels BC bonus!! Admit it, chasing dinosaurs is starting to sound pretty darned good about now….!


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